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Our experienced and committed in-house team and close cooperation with freelancers enables us to see a wide range of subtitling projects through to completion, with only the highest quality and efficiency [more ...]


Thanks to our experienced translators and excellent quality management, for several years we have been producing first-class translations for various customers in the fields of business, culture and media. Our translators have a high level of intercultural competency at their disposal and are experts in their field [more ...]

Rich Metadata

We offer rich metadata for TV and Internet platforms; including first rate programme information, high-quality edited content and innovative technological solutions, which are tailored to meet the demands of our customers [more ...]

Live Subtitling

We are the first independent company in Germany to have specialised in live subtitling. Live subtitles appear instantly, allowing the hearing-impaired to participate in media events, such as sporting events or political talk shows, with minimal time delay [more ...]

Live Transcription

Live transcription provides the hearing-impaired with limitless access to knowledge and information, and we are proud to be the first independent company in Germany to be able to offer our customers this service for various events, for example university lectures [more ...]

Audio Description

We are one of the few companies in Germany who offer audio description, which provides all consumers with equal access to visual media. In addition to this, we specialise in the development of voice-over projects for television, video and DVD of all genres and in a variety of languages [more ...]